2 years on…

2 years on…

Iye, I just wanted you to know that I am doing well.

Since you went to be with the Lord, a lot has happened in the family. Amongst many is the addition of two grandchildren to the family tree – one from Sam and the other from Pat.

I am sorry, I didn’t get the chance to inform you of some exciting news I was planning to surprise you with – one was for your 80th birthday and our move as a family.

Nne is doing well but misses you sorely. You died in her arms. I never saw her cry until the day you went to be with the Lord.

I can still hear the heave of your final breath in my ear while speaking with you on the phone.

Nne told me you had your phone clutched in one hand and your Bible in the other when you breathed your last. I am happy we spoke on phone the minutes before, although I did not hear so audibly what you were saying to me before you took your flight!

Remember that book you started to write in 2017 about your life learnings? It was completed and published posthumously. It’s titled, Golden Sap: The Life and Learnings of Raymond. It was one of the souvenirs given to your friends and relatives during your funeral.

It’s been 2 years, Iye. Continue to rest. I am assured of one thing; you are with the Father.

Forever yours,

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