Who said?

Towards the end of last year, a quiet protest started in the home, “mum, why do we have to eat rice and stew on Sundays?” It was answered with rolled eyeballs the first few times. Finally, I returned the challenge, “yes, you are right, why do we have to?”

For close to two months now, rice and stew have not featured in our Sunday course. Let’s see how far we can keep that commitment.

If you came from a family like mine, rice and stew were a de facto Sunday meal without questions. I don’t know why, but it’s just the way we do it. Abi na?

Making that slight shift really got me questioning myself on how many more things I have carried on doing because, ‘that is the way I saw it done.’

I am a strong believer in not moving ancient landmarks when it comes to core foundational matters, but it helps to reflect on how many more things we have been doing just because that is the way we saw it done without questioning.

Who taught you parenting like you now do? Who said you have to stay on in that career path even if you are already at mid or senior level? Who said you can’t pivot? Who said?

Questioning the Sunday rice and stew routine in our home has got me sifting through the many ‘who said’ that I have carried on.

Like seriously, who said…

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